About Me

jidentfiHey, I’m Ted.

I’m a senior IT Consultant and Bakersfield MSP in Bakersfield, CA – I guess that makes me a technology guru and geek. You probably want to know more about my areas of skill and experience so let’s get to that and get a bit acquainted.

I’m experienced on various fields in IT; they include Networking, Website Development, Programming, and Software Development. I have consulted with some of the top major companies in and around Bakersfield. I also supervise and mentor a team of well seasoned IT consultants at my firm. Dealing with issues concerning technology is my main drive. I love to solve out technology issues, whether it’s advising on what best suites a company or a client that needs a basic service that’s IT related. I have built my career by proving that I can carry out any task handed over to me. I have created software for companies for their own company use; I have also created websites (php, html and java) and programming.

I currently work as a Senior Information and Technology Consultant. This is where I have seen my career flourish and continues to do so. It is a happy family of crazy people, but hey, no one needs to be in a Psych ward.

Growing up as a kid I had a great passion for technology, getting around complex tasks was rather easy for me and that is why I chose to major in IT. As technology continues to evolve each and every day so does my passion as an adult, this has earned me the title geek, and I humbly accept it.

Am not only good at what I do, I put an effort at giving quality services and commitment. My aim in life is being better at what I do than I was yesterday.